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Girls wrestling team to compete for varsity spots

October 11

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For the first time in school history, the newly developed girls wrestling team will compete next week against each other for varsity positions. The girls will compete during their 7:30 a.m. workout time Oct. 16-17. The varsity...

Golf team has high hopes for spring competition

Shea Johnson, Co-Editor/ Sports Writer

September 30

Filed under Sports News, Top Stories

In the past few years, golf has become more noticeable in local and national news. Local professional golfer Ryan Palmer has become a well-recognized name and 2013 Randall graduate Justin Jennings received a golf scholarship to...

Panhandle athlete dies from discus accident

Shea Johnson, Sports Writer

May 6

Filed under Sports News

A funeral was held Wednesday in honor of Hereford freshman Joshua Ramirez, 15, after being hit by a discus at a track meet in Plainview March 8. According to the Hereford ISD statement, Ramirez was stretching when the disc...

Senior overcomes tough beginning, defies odds

Rylee Sharp

February 28

Filed under Sports News

On the basketball court, players run, pass and shoot with relative ease. Behind these seemingly practiced maneuvers, however, is one hidden snag. Morgan Collins, a senior Lady Raiders shooting guard, was born with a birth defect...

Austin Chontos’ injury seen from the dugout

Audrey Roberson, Staff Writer

December 21

Filed under Sports News

Spectating team members intertwine their fingers around the fenced wall of the dugout as they peer through a fist sized diamond with bottom-of-the-ninth jitters.  The coaches with their arms folded and faces stone still without...

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