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Myra McEntire’s ‘Hourglass’ riveting tale of love, loss, life

“Hourglass” by Myra McEntire is a riveting tale of love, loss, and regaining of life. For Emerson Cole, a 17 year old, life is filled with visions of what isn’t there. Swooning belles, soldiers long dead, and other haunting apparitions that disappear in an instant. All Emerson wants is for things to go back to where they were before her parents died and her mind went off track with visions of dead people.  Emerson has tried just about everything she can, but when her well-meaning brother brings in one more person , she decides to give it one last chance.  But meeting Michael Weaver will change not only her future, but the past as well. She’ll fall in love, have her heart broken, and save a family. But can she hold everything together between the future, the present, and the past before the hourglass runs out?

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