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Summer is (almost) Here!

Hanna Edwards, Staff Writer

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Many students are very excited over the end of testing and the beginning of the final six weeks, which means summer is so very close! With only a few weeks to go until freedom, students are forgetting that school is still in session and the work they receive still matters. However, summer is on the verge of breaking through as students begin planning their amazing vacations and fun summer activities.

Lots of people go swimming, and it is a great exercise and very relaxing. Others tan by the pool and show off their bathing suits. Another great activity is to hang out with friends and try new things or go shopping. Playing sports or being creative is also a great way to pass time until school returns.

All these activities are fun, but summer is not here yet, and people are losing focus.

Teachers are busy assigning homework and final projects, but students are already entering the summer vacation mindset of “I’ll do that later.” This way of thinking will hurt grades and students may wind up in summer school. So, students need to keep it together just a little longer so we can actually make it to summer.


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Summer is (almost) Here!