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Why parents should be involved in their children’s lives

Christian Nicholson, Staff Writer

May 6, 2013

Filed under Opinion

In today’s society, children of all ages are becoming more and more independent, and they do not want their parents to interfere with their lives. Many kids refuse to let their parents have anything to do with their decisions...

Teen marriage leads to future failure

Taylor Williams, Editor

March 6, 2013

Filed under Opinion

Today it is not uncommon to see teens fully engaged in relationships. Whether it be on Facebook, over the telephone or face-to-face, public displays of affection can be seen or heard everywhere. However, as these relationships...

Teachers assign intriguing classics

Breanna Bassett, Staff Writer

March 5, 2013

Filed under Opinion

In high school, kids are faced with a more difficult curriculum. They are introduced to superior maths, and histories. The biggest advancement for high school students is the transition from each year of English to the next....

Teachers shouldn’t fight fire with fire

Audrey Roberson, Staff writer

February 28, 2013

Filed under Opinion

Last December, Americans were in front of the TV throughout the day as they watched the news in horror and disdain.  20 innocent children were killed as a result of two individual who abused the second amendment.  Texas State...

Big city vs. small town- which is more beneficial?

Taylor Williams, Editor

February 22, 2013

Filed under Opinion

When life in the big city gets rough, many of us think “if only I lived in a small town I wouldn’t have to deal with this,” and when boredom strikes in the small town we think “if only I lived in a big city my life wouldn’t...

Hungry for change

December 21, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Over the years, students have dreaded eating school lunches, and on occasion, upperclassmen attempt to scare freshmen with tails of moving mystery meat and toxic green gelatin with chopped carrots hidden inside.  School lunches...

Out with Young, in with the Youngin’s

Shea Johnson, Sports Writer/Blogger/Columnist

December 17, 2012

Filed under Opinion, Sports Columns

Rangers’ infielder Michael Young signed with the Phillies Sunday leaving Texas after his career of 12 season. "The opportunity for him to play third base in Philadelphia was more than we could promise here," Rangers general...

Sparknotes proves beneficial to students

Rylee Sharp, Staff Writer

December 11, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Any student who has ever stepped foot in an English class is familiar with Sparknotes. It is often the bane of a teacher’s existence and the boon of a student’s. While many educators warn against or forbid their students to...

Football ban unnecessary

November 8, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Dr. Paul Butler, a retired doctor in New Hampshire, recently proposed a ban on high school football at Dover High School. Butler claimed the sport was too dangerous, and should not be played at a young age.                ...

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