Prom etiquette important for evening’s activities

            According to, etiquette at prom involves more than manners. Using proper social skills before and during prom are beneficial to the outcome of this once-in-a-lifetime high school dance.

            When thinking of prom, a girl’s first thought might be what kind of dress she would wear. Dresses today for prom are easily $150-$200. Some parents might jump in to help their daughter pay for the dress, but it would be responsible for the girl to discuss what she would be willing to pay to offset the amount her parents would have to pay. There are also stores available for renting dresses if girls would prefer not to buy a brand new one.

            A guy’s first thought when thinking about prom might be how he will pay for the night. As the gentleman, it is their responsibility to purchase a corsage for their date, rent or buy a tuxedo (preferably black), and plan out the evening’s activities outside of prom, including dinner and transportation. As a couple, consider sharing the costs. This will help to ease the stress and help the couple concentrate on the fun of prom.

            However, no matter the first thought, it would be wise to first consider who to invite to prom. Proper etiquette calls for the boy to ask the girl, but as social mores have changed over the years, it has also become suitable for the girl to ask the boy. Whoever asks, they might be surprised the amount of concentration needed to determine the right date. It is sensible to choose someone who can carry on a good, interesting conversation and will dance if the partner likes to dance. Be sure to ask well ahead of time so as to allow the partner to plan ahead. If a boy or girl would prefer not to go with a formal date, it is now acceptable to go solo and organize with a group of friends so as to enjoy the prom all the same.

            Dinner is usually considered the precursor to expectations of the evening. If the prom does not furnish a dinner, it is the gentleman’s responsibility to choose an appropriate restaurant for dining. However, it is best to discuss with their date and any other couples joining theirs where to eat. Contemplate the cost of the meal, type of food, distance from restaurant to prom, and whether the restaurant accepts reservations. On prom night, it is predominantly essential to find a restaurant that accepts reservations.

            Manners during dinner are a little stricter on prom night. Gentlemen must always seat their date prior to sitting down themselves. If they don’t have one, it is acceptable to help the woman to the right of them. Napkins must be placed in their lap. If they need to get up, they can place it in the chair, not on the table unless they are finished eating. Ladies always order before the gentleman. Turn cell phones off. Wait to eat until after everyone is served.

            Most importantly, on prom night, be polite and respectful. Enjoy prom night. Stay sober and be sure to take away car keys from anyone not sober. Any boy or girl wants to remember this evening as a special night in their life.