An unexpected door is opened

Waving her baton, and working with the band as the lights shine down, Ginger Denney conducts a show. The crowd applauds and the band stands in appreciation. Denney’s job is done. As her first year as head band conductor draws to close, Denney learns the ins and outs of her new position.

Denney started teaching in Midland, Texas at Alamo Junior High as an assistant band director. She maintained that position for three years before returning to West Texas A&M University in Canyon to get her masters in teaching. Denney soon found a job at Greenways Intermediate School as a director, thus starting her career with CISD.

“I really found that I loved teaching,” Denney said. “I loved my kids, and it was a great place to learn. I started to want to get my Masters so I would have more knowledge to impart to my kiddos.”

Denney worked as director at Greenways for approximately six years before becoming the assistant director at Randall last year; currently, Denney is the head director.

“When I was little I wanted to be a linguist, and later a pediatric oncologist,” Denney said. “I wanted to be in something I felt could make an impact. My band directors made an impact on me, so hopefully I make an impact on my students.”

Denney has several responsibilities as a band director outside of the usual every day duties. Along with teaching and training students, and fundraising and organizing everything for Color Guard, Denney helps with drill writing, the planning of trips, organizing medical release forms, managing the accounts of both individual students as well as the whole band, organizing buses and meals for marching season, scheduling rehearsals and sectionals, as well as planning each year’s marching show.

 “Sometimes I miss my job at Greenways when things get stressful, but now I get the opportunity to travel to three different schools,” Denney said.

With her new position comes a feeling of nostalgia. Last year’s graduating class was Denney’s first class to teach at Greenways.

“Because I know them more, I feel like a proud mama watching them walk across the stage,” Denney said. “It’s very bittersweet.”

Denney begins her day at Randall working with the Randall Winds before going to Greenways to help there. After the previous director unexpectedly left, Denney was the person to take his place. After a lengthy interview process, Denney became the head director.

“I like being head director, but it is more stressful because there is so much to think about,” Denney said. “There are over 600 kids I am responsible for as well as the other teachers and parents. My list is long, but hopefully next year will be an easier transition.”