Freshman turns heads


Freshman James Pybus wears a suit every day.

As soon as he gets out of the shower, he picks out the suit he wants to wear to school. He tightens his tie, and prepares himself for another regular school day. This freshman has no ordinary way of getting ready in the morning.

James Pybus wears a suit every day to school, and plans to for the rest of his high school career. He enjoys double breasted suits and like the idea of fanciness.

“It has been said that I have always dressed nicer than anyone (since) pre-school,” Pybus said. “It slowly evolved from wearing jeans with polo to a polo with Khakis, into Oxford khakis and to now a vest, a sports coat, so on so forth. Anything else doesn’t feel right.”

Although Pybus dresses fancy, he does more than wear a suit, such as doing his hair with his own special hair formula.

“I don’t use hair gel, I use mousse, and hairspray,” James said. “If I know that it is going to be hot that day, (I don’t wear) anything other than Linen.”

James buys his suits at Dillard’s and Kohl’s. Later on, he wants to move to more extravagant clothing, such as Victorian Wear.

“I think I have eight or nine suits, I don’t wear the same suit every day,” Pybus said. “I spend two thousand (dollars) per school (year) on suits.”

He has received a lot of attention for his choice in style.

“(I have) never once been bullied for wearing a suit,” Pybus said. “(My mother) is entirely supportive, and my sister thinks I’m bizarre.” Pybus said. “My father thinks I’m incredibly odd.”

Pybus always has something in his pocket from pens, to sunglasses in his inner pocket.

“I would love a top-hat, (and) I have wanted a pocket protector,” Pybus said. “I want a pocket protector because nerdy things are cool to me.”

Pybus said his father will not buy him a top hat, so he will just stick to his suits.

“I believe I have bottomed out of fanciness, as I can’t wear any hats,” Pybus said. “(I plan to wear) just about the same thing (for the rest of my life).”