Band Leaders Strive for Excellence

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Band Leaders Strive for Excellence

Sophia Britto

Sophia Britto

Sophia Britto

Mattie Freeze, Assistant Editor

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On any given Friday night in the fall the Randall Band performs another halftime show. The band makes these performances seem effortless, but dedicated students leaders are working hard in the background to ensure a great performance.

These leaders apply for their positions and even have to submit letters of recommendation. The leaders come together a month before school starts to begin preparing for the new year.

“Being a part of leadership has helped me learn to work with larger groups of people,” senior Lauren Tice said. “It has helped learn how to solve problems with other people being involved.”

The success of the band rests on the shoulders of these student leaders, so their responsibilities are endless. They are constantly working and improving the band as a whole.

“Some responsibilities include encouraging, helping others with problems concerning music,” senior Caleb Mason said.

Mason is in the drumline, and those spots are only achieved through auditions. No matter the section, each band member is held at a high standard. Tice plays the clarinet and has been in her position of leadership for two years.

“I do think I have handled this responsibility well,” Tice said. “I try to always have a good attitude and make it known that I am there to listen to anyone, even if it doesn’t relate to band at all.”

Leaders strive to set an example for the underclassmen in and outside of band because they understand the underclassmen are the future of the band.

“We are sort of role models for them,” Tice said. “Usually, the younger kiddos look up to the upperclassmen; once we graduate, they will fill our shoes.”

Tice and senior McKade Barbosa said they make a point to create friendships with underclassmen and make sure everyone feels welcome. Barbosa is the Drum Major.

“When you’re on the leadership team, you are there for the students, and you’re like their other family,” Barbosa said.

For future band leaders, Tice had some words of advice.

“Be confident in what you are doing,” Tice said. “My junior year I was very shy and did not speak up. Being a part of leadership has helped me come out of my comfort zone.”

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