It’s Not Too Late to Find the Perfect Gift

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It’s Not Too Late to Find the Perfect Gift

Mattie Freeze, Assistant Editor

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With Christmas quickly approaching, it can be difficult to find the gifts for the remaining people on your list. Thanks to Amazon and World Market, it’s super easy to pull together a last minute gift that still looks thoughtful. These last minute gift ideas work for any recipient; whether it’s for your mom or a friend, they’re sure to love this gift that you ‘planned weeks ago’.

When shopping for that no-so-close friend, gift cards are an easy go-to. Hardly anyone buys anything on iTunes anymore, so that probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Try to figure out where they like to eat, or if you’re having trouble just buy a Target gift card. To personalize the gift add some fuzzy socks and a mug. All in all, you shouldn’t be spending more than $25.

If you’re shopping for your mom, think of something that she would actually use. Mom’s love practicality. A nice robe from Target costs about $30 and then you could throw in a couple candles. The Dollar Tree has some really nice candles and, of course, they only cost a dollar. You really shouldn’t have to spend more than $40.

For dad, the easiest thing would be a Lowe’s or Home Depot gift card, but if you’re looking for something a little more personalized, Sam’s has a nice selection of affordable collared shirts. While you’re there you could grab a package of socks. This gift is going to be less than $30.

And most importantly, the White Elephant gift. If you’re trying to think of something clever, get to World Market ASAP. Once you arrive, head straight for the mugs. There amongst the boring mugs is the greatest White Elephant gift ever: a White Elephant mug. Now throw in some chocolate and you’re good to go. Altogether, it’s about $10.

Now it’s probably not wise to leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute, but luckily it’s not impossible to find something nice for everyone on your list.

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