Student Finds Confidant in Teacher


Mikayla Rodriguez

Lexi Highsmith, Junior

There is a lot hidden behind junior Lexi Highsmith’s smile.

Over 16 years, Lexi said she struggled with feeling understood by friends and family, isolated from others, and antisocial with all but a certain few. Lexi describes herself as quiet around people she doesn’t know, but when she feels safe enough to open up she is outgoing and will do anything for them. Originally from Nebraska, Lexi moved to Texas, and said the transition was difficult, especially when it came to making new friends and trying to fit in. That’s when she found someone she could connect with, her English teacher, Callie Shipley.

In the beginning, Lexi said what she liked most about Shipley was that she respected her as a student.

“Lexi was always passionate during our class discussions,” Shipley said. “She would often lead with her opinions. She was never afraid to speak her mind, and her ideas would spark thoughts and ideas from her classmates.”

Over time, Lexi said she began to open up more with Shipley, and found herself sharing more about her ideas and life.

“I feel like I can tell Ms. Shipley anything and her not judge me,” Lexi said. “She lets me tell her everything and she gives me the best advice when I need it.”

Shipley said she is happy that she could be and can continue to be a listening ear for Lexi.

“Lexi has told me that she feels as though she can’t share her struggles with many people,” Shipley said. “I am thankful that she’s been able to share a few things with me.”

In November, “Hometown Success” featured Shipley for excellence in education.