Life in Quarantine: Jenifer Puckett, 11


I started this pandemic off sad because I would no longer be able to hang out with my friends every weekend. Now, I have taken the time to realize stuff around me that I took for granted before.

There is a lot of stuff I can say that I have learned to do coming out of the pandemic, but something I have taken for granted is nature. We all know nature is great and everything, but have we taken the time to sit down and enjoy it? Nature is beautiful and relaxing once you stop and smell the roses.

In the first couple of weeks of the pandemic, I took the time to do stuff I never had time to do before. I organized my room, cleaned my car, watched a series I always wanted to see. While I was out feeding my dogs I noticed what a great day it was and how pretty it looked outside. I sat down for about an hour to look and just relax.

Just being outside while you work on schoolwork can make it so much better. We have grown used to our daily routine and have never taken the time to break away from all the chaos. We have all been so busy, but now that we have to stay home take the time to look around and see what you have missed.