Senior Social Distances While Partaking in Traditional Pre-Graduation Activities

Despite that all of life is pretty much shut down at the moment, enjoying the weather is still a priority of things to accomplish in day-to-day life. Earlier last week the weather was too gorgeous to sit inside, so senior Sarah Trinh decided to jump on the opportunity to finally get her #SeniorSunday pics taken. 

The average Monday started off as just a normal photo shoot, but more or less turned into a time of adventure and navigation of Amarillo’s downtown. From mural to parking garage, and the classic Amarillo National Bank sign to the First Baptist archways, the evening was one specifically meant to celebrate Trinh’s year. 

Trinh has spent her time in high school participating in NHS, Key Club, PRO, Super Team, and Superintendent scholar. Today’s circumstances are trying their hardest to keep the class of 2020 from celebrating; however, seniors such as Trinh are finding ways to social distance while still partaking in traditional senior year activities.