The Hunt; not an average vampire book

'The Hunt' takes an incredible spin on vampires.

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'The Hunt' takes an incredible spin on vampires.

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The Hunt, by Andrew Fukuda is not an average book about vampires. In fact, the author does not even write the word vampire throughout the whole book. The story is about a world where vampires have taken over the world, and humans (referred to as ‘Hepers’ in the book), are nearly extinct. Vampires are referred to as average citizens, and they have adapted to their surroundings. They wake up at night, and go to sleep during the day, as they cannot be in sunlight or they will die. The main character, Gene, is one of the few remaining humans and the story follows him as he tries to blend in. Every day of his life is a struggle, having to be cautious and careful as to not get found out. One day, the Ruler (similar to a President) makes an appearance, announcing a Heper Hunt. In this hunt, they will hold a lottery and the winning vampires will hunt a few of the last remaining Hepers. After the numbers are called, Gene realizes he has one of the winning lottery numbers. Gene is transported to a building for training, and as the days go by it becomes harder for him to keep his cover. As he tries to keep his true identity covered up, his world slowly starts to crumble beneath him.

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