Frontman Furstenfeld comes to Amarillo

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Saturday September 6th FM 90 and Amarillo College held a concert featuring frontman Justen Furstenfeld of Blue October and the opening act Ashleigh Stone.

The concert lasted about three hours with a brief 30 minute intermission. Stone played four songs. The concert was the first time I had heard of Stone; her music was soft and heartfelt much like Ingrid Michaelsons. I enjoyed the melodies of her bedazzled keyboard and her witty comments between songs.

When Furstenfeld came on stage the atmosphere changed quite dramatically. A brown leather chair was placed center stage and a light brown acoustic guitar was placed next to it. Everyone in the audience clapped and hollered when he crossed stage to sit down. The first thing he did was pick up his guitar and sing his first song. When he was done the first words from his mouth made the entire audience laugh and you could just tell he was very charming and down to earth. He told the audience a series of personal stories and sang the songs that went along with them. He explained the meaning behind some of the songs and spoke to the audience like we were all his closest friends. When asked what about music keeps him doing it he simply replied with “The feeling that there are no rules.”

I was defiantly reluctant to step out of the auditorium when it came time but was extremely pleased with my experiences. All in all FM 90 and and Amarillo College did a wonderful job and I will be going to many more of the live events to come.