Spicer Spices up the Emmy’s: Sean Spicer Cameos at the Emmy’s

Rebekah Williams, Staff Writer

As people sat down to watch the Emmy’s Sunday night, what they got was nowhere near what they expected. Sure there were some unexpected winners, funny acts and even some bashing of President Trump, but what made the topic of the night was a cameo of Sean Spicer, Ex-Press Secretary of the White House.

Many people recognize the name Sean Spicer, maybe from Melissa Mccarthy’s skits on Saturday Night Live mocking the press secretary, or maybe hearing the name from Trump’s infamous Twitter account. Usually, the name comes with unwanted opinions and brings bickering, making it of the most talked about topics from the entire Emmy show.

The reactions were mixed about the cameo, but one reaction was waiting to see Trump’s reaction to the bashing Colbert and Spicer did over the attendance of Trump’s inauguration, claiming it was bigger than Obama’s. It wasn’t. Nobody can seem to forget his statement, and now it won’t ever die down.

In these times, it’s hard to find anything in the news not surrounding the president and his cabinet, so the initial shock didn’t last long but the everlasting response of the country will most certainly live on.