Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Worth the Watch

Caleb Kreutzer, Contributing Writer

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“Dear White People” is a comedic take on the racial tensions in the U.S. with a dash of drama. The first episode aired on Netflix in April 2017 and is still ongoing. The show tends to highlight a lot of the problems that come up when anything about race is discussed.

A lot of the story revolves around Winchester University and how it’s campus is full of racial tensions. The show focuses on a main group of characters that are part of an activist group at the school, and uses irony, self-deprecation, brutal honesty and other methods to highlight the problems of racist ideals and misguided activism.

Each episode is told through the perspective of a character, such as Reggie or Sam, and usually focuses on that person’s experience during an event and how they retaliate to the problems that come up. The activist group tackles issues such as racial inequity, gun control, police violence on minorities, and general issues such as stereotyping.

All in all, the show was good. It points out problems in the world by being comedic and over the top, but that did not take away from the over all experience and its something that is worth a bored weekend to sit and watch.

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