‘The House with a Clock in the Walls’ Classic Tale of Good vs. Evil

Spencer Maddox, Staff Writer

Universal Pictures “The House with a Clock in the Walls” will release on DVD and Redbox Dec. 18.  

The movie, which is rated PG and has an 1 hour 45 minute run-time, is a classic tale of good vs. evil. It features Jack Black as Jonathan Barnavelt, Cate Blanchett as Florence Zimmerman, and Owen Vaccaro at Lewis Barnavelt. Much of the story takes place inside Jonathan’s big and creepy house in Michigan. After the tragic death of his parents, 10-year-old Lewis is sent to live with his uncle, Jonathan. Lewis is intrigued by a mysterious clock inside the house, and when he accidentally awakens the dead, he discovers that his uncle is a warlock and his uncle’s friend is a witch. Together, they challenge the Doomsday plans of villain Isaac Izard.

The story is a child-friendly blend of mild horror and humor, but has taken a hit on it’s Rotten Tomatoes score online (48% liked it). On the Tomato Meter, 122 reviews rated it “fresh” and 62 “rotten.” I enjoyed the movie and I am certainly glad I saw it, but it is not one that I would go out and buy.   

The movie released in theaters Sept. 21, and will be available On Demand, DVD and Redbox Dec. 18.