Birth of a Genre: The Beatles


There are a few universal truths in this world that never change, one of them is and will always be The Beatles, and how their music not only defined a genre but reinvented it.

Everyone knows who the Beatles are. Even if you haven’t ever listened to their music chances are you have heard the name. The Beatles created a name for themselves by making real strides toward fame with the release of Love Me Do a single reaching 17 on most top charts in the U.K. written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The band was excited about their hit, but they had no idea their lives would never be the same.

Their fame would only keep rising through the years with hits like Strawberry Fields Forever, Hey Jude, and Let it Be. All of which rose to popularity as soon as they could be released. They became famous in the U.K. and Germany first but transitioned to the U.S. as well and soon the world. It’s fair to say the Beatles birthed the genre of funky rock n’ roll. With hits like Yellow Submarine, and Across the Universe the Beatles had a sound no one else could replicate to the same effect. And the best part, people were digging the sound. Members- Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were making it big, they had their sound, their style, and their newfound fame, and now they had stolen the hearts of the world. The Beatles have universal respect, everyone knows and respects them for what they are, and who they became.

Even throughout the hardships, these four faced they gifted us with something beyond themselves. After more years of their fame, John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980. Lennon’s death had an extraordinary impact on his family, his fans, and his bandmates. The Beatles did give the world incredible music, it touched the soul, warmed the heart, and intrigued the mind, but just like anyone else, they weren’t perfect. They fought and disagreed. What’s important to remember is that all of them John, Paul, Ringo, and George, were people, as well as Beatles. Now go listen to The Beatles! And in the wise words of the Beatles, All You Need Is Love.