Class of 2020 Has Their Sights on the Future

Rebekah Williams, Editor

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Incoming senior Eric Tu has it all figured out, attend UT Austin to major in finance and to enter a workspace open to interpretation, as the constantly changing job market has inspired Tu to take on a role in society that can adapt to it. But before he can do that, he must make it through the final hoop – senior year.

“Since I’m not being forced to take classes I don’t want to, I get to take classes I actually enjoy and am good at,” Tu said.

With the flexibility of senior year, classes are more flexible with schedules and the specific major’s students wish to follow.

“I think my major will give me different opportunities because I don’t know where I want to work yet,” Tu said. “It’s a very open job.”

His previous and current experiences with the computer science field at school have influenced his decision about majoring in finance. Something he hopes to continue throughout the last of his time at high school.

“What we did in Computer Science didn’t really appeal to me as what I wanted to do in life,” Tu said. “Maintenance is the physical side of computers so I hope I like that more.”

After surviving junior year, the final year of high school can seem somewhat minuscule compared to the difficulties of pushing through countless tests, but the appeal of a lighter workload keeps students going.

“It brings out someone’s true work ethic whether they decide to keep working or get lazy and let things fall apart,” Tu said. “I’m not sure about myself, but I’m sure going to try my hardest.”

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