Remind Asks Teachers to #ReverseTheFee with Verizon

Rebekah Williams, Editor

Starting Jan. 28, Remind will not be allowing text notifications to be sent to users with Verizon Wireless due to a fee that Remind cannot pay. Due to an increase in Verizon fees towards Remind by 11x, Remind has decided that it is an unattainable charge on the company. They are encouraging teachers to ask their students to turn on the app notifications and enable email notifications until the situation is resolved.

For those who are impacted by this and see it as a vital part of their classroom, Remind has offered an email address to send the complaints about the Verizon fee. Remind is working hard on a solution until their situation with Verizon is solved, although they cannot resolve this without the voice of the students and teachers involved.

To send in an ask to reverse the fee, click here.