Randall Students Advance to Region

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Friday and Saturday the Randall High School UIL teams competed at the Academic District meet in Lubbock. Randall took home 3rd place overall and qualified several students to the Region Meet.

Current Issues: 2nd Place Team
2nd Place – Ben Stormer
5th Place – Peyton Brookshire

Journalism: 2nd Place Team
Copy Editing-
3rd Place – Vaughn Blackwell
2nd Place – Lauren Tice
4th Place- Vaughn Blackwell
2nd Place – Mattie Freeze
4th Place – Lauren Tice
6th Place – Greta Alumbaugh
4th Place – Kevin Powell
6th Place – Sophia Britto

Computer Science: 2nd Place Team
1st Place – Jacob Brue
6th Place – Kevin Vongphachanh

Mathematics: 2nd Place Team
5th Place – Jacob Brue

Ready Writing:
3rd Place – Brooke Newson

Science: 2nd Place Team
3rd Place – Jacob Brue – Top Chemistry Score
Tied for 6th Place – Christian Hurd and Ravyn Denning

Social Studies:
4th Place Brooke Newson

Speech – 1st place Team
LD Debate-
3rd Place – Bonnie Fischer
Informative Speaking-
5th Place – Keeven Houser
6th Place – Jordan Ash
Persuasive Speaking-
2nd Place – Bonnie Fischer
6th Place – Enrique Mata
1st Place – Seth Lucero
3rd Place – Alicia Del Fierro
5th Place – Amily Farmer
1st Place – Grace Nyabatware
2nd Place – Mattie Freeze

The top three places for each event will be advancing to the Region Meet, which will also be held on the Texas Tech campus.