Local Students get involved in the political system

While a nation watched the elections play out on their television sets on Nov. 3, some Randall students participated in it, taking part in a watch party with Ronny Jackson, the Republican Candidate for TX-13, US House of Representatives.


Grady Hodge

“I got to learn first hand how the many moving parts in a campaign work. The main part of this campaign that I witnessed and took part in was the growth of a large grass roots campaign. Dr. Jackson’s campaign started off extremely small with little support. I was there when there was little support, so I got to watch how this grass roots campaign came to be. To say the least it was incredible. The importance in participating in American democracy is extremely important to every American. If nobody participated in American democracy then we would have never gotten to where we are right now as a Nation. Our men and women of the military have given their lives for hundreds of years to protect our democracy to ensure that we can practice democracy freely. For us to have a political party that is moving in the form of socialism is honestly damning to our representative republic and the core foundations of democracy. That’s why its extremely important we continue to fight and defend our democracy as a nation.”

John Pierre

“I learned that a lot more goes in to an election then I thought and was surprised to see such a nice turn out. In a democracy, voting is the power we have and it is important to use it.”

Shaun Stone

“I learned how a person’s voice truly does influence elections. Participating in democracy gives everyone a chance to stand up for what they believe in, and I think that it is extremely important for this generation. I found that people would rather bash each other for their political views rather than to accept others opinions. My message to my fellow youth is to get involved in politics now. We are going to be voting in the next election, and you need to understand how it works. Truly understand how things work now during this election so you’ll be prepared for the next one, when your voice will matter tremendously.”


Luke Brown

“While on the campaign trail, I learned the importance of educating people and encouraging them to get out and vote. When you turn 18, it is your responsibility to take part in American democracy. The citizens are the ultimate deciders in who gets to lead our country and it’s very important that we participate in this process. Learning how a political campaign works was probably the most interesting part. I was able to see first hand how much hard-work goes into a campaign and how to run a successful one like Ronny Jackson did. I will be participating in many more campaigns in the future because it is important that we get the right people to lead our great country and push us forward. Even if you are not old enough to vote you can still participate in an election and in politics. It’s very important that young Americans know what is going on in our country and how they think the country could be better.
Becoming interested in politics can open your eyes to many problems in our world today and how to push for a better future.”

Jean Paul

“I break my experience into 5 short statements:

1. I learned social skills and respect

2. Because all peoples voices should be heard and have a say in who they want representing them

3. Just the whole background of politics and how it works

4. Yes it was an amazing and educational experience

5. Get into it and know what future you’re are about to be in.”