Alecx Permenter, Junior

Kevin Powell, Contributing Writer

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Solving problems, mathematics, ingenuity, and progression are some of the many things that interest junior Alecx Permenter in engineering. Engineering is all about using inventions and creating machines and systems that can solve problems or mechanize a process for quicker production. Permenter is an aspiring mechanical engineer and plans to go to WTAMU to study this career path.

Permenter became interested in engineering while visiting his great grandfather.

“I was interested at an early age,” Permenter said. “My grandad was an engineer and I thought it was really cool and intriguing.”

Since then, Permenter’s favorite classes have been math, and his favorite class is Algebra II with Amy Wilhelm. He is hoping that his math skills and his pursuit for math ability will help prepare him for engineering classes at WTAMU. While pursuing a future career in engineering, Permenter also pursues other interests.  

“One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I co-own a fish store on Western called AJ Aquatics,” Permenter said. “I also am President of the MTG Club at Randall.”

With interests in many things, Permenter said that RHS has been an important step for his success. He also said that Randall is a place where many types of people intersect and are able to get along.

“Randall is a place where many different people can get together and have fun in a learning environment,” Permenter said.

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