Katie Sandifer: Diagnosed But Not Defined


Courtesy Photo

Mattie Freeze, Assistant Editor

Senior Katie Sandifer is extremely busy. Outside of school, she works two jobs and participates in UIL One Act Play, but she also has to worry about her diabetes. This means that she has to be careful about what she eats and has to give herself the right amount of insulin for whatever she’s eating. Because of her diabetes, Sandifer has to constantly face challenges, but she doesn’t let this define her.

“Diabetes had made me very independent and responsible for my own actions,” Sandifer said. “I was diagnosed at 5 and by 8 I was taking care of everything by myself, so I learned how to grow up very fast.”

Sandifer’s diabetes has practically taken over her life, but her type of diabetes is different than what most people are familiar with.

“I have type one diabetes which is very different than the kind that people’s grandparents have,” Sandifer said. “Basically my body thought that the cells that crest insulin were bad cells and started to kill them off.”

Sandifer goes to a camp every summer to help her handle her diabetes and make connections with others who share her problem.

“At camp, they teach you how to manage everything and ways to keep your blood sugar under control, which has helped me a lot,” Sandifer said. “I’ve made friendships and connections that I wouldn’t have if it were for my diabetes.”