The importance of summer workouts

When the last school bell rings, and students are dismissed for the summer, most students plan on going home and relaxing for the next few months. They plan on sleeping in and forgetting all of the responsibilities and work that happens during the school year. However, student athletes don’t get that same luxury.

                Athletes must keep working through the summer, because it is a time to get ahead. While some players may take a few weeks off, those who work every day will have an advantage when the season comes around. Players can earn a starting position, and teams can earn victories by outworking their opponents in the offseason.

                Another way students can get ahead is summer leagues. Football players participate in 7 on 7 and indoor flag football. These leagues can help a player to stay in shape, and not lose any of the skills and strengths they earned during the season.

Many players and coaches will tell you that summer workouts are one of the most important things a player can do.