Freshman Finds Passion in Volleyball

Following their last district game, the freshman and junior varsity volleyball players hung up their jerseys for the season. However, McKenzie Bryant isn’t putting away her knee pads just yet. The Randall freshman has made the sport a part of her daily life, and a passion for the future.

“Being a volleyball player is important,” McKenzie said. “You have to be committed and want to play the game. You also need to be kind to your teammates and other people. If you aren’t, [you are not setting a] good example.”

McKenzie, who played in the setter position in the past but played right front and hitter this year, said she hopes to someday play in college. McKenzie’s mother, Charisa Bryant, said her daughter has a great attitude and it is because of McKenzie’s attitude and ability that some college coaches are already talking to her about eventually playing for them.  

“The fact that my daughter plays a sport is amazing,” Charisa said. “I love that she is involved in something that she loves. Volleyball is a complicated sport but she makes it seem easy.

You never know who is watching and if you do bad they are not going to want you.”

— McKenzie Bryant

Charisa said she hopes to someday see her daughter become a pro volleyball player. Until then, McKenzie said she focuses on trying to represent herself well on and off the court. Whether it is hustling on the court, or taking care of school work, McKenzie said she tries her best.   

“I always think of scouts watching me,” McKenzie said. “That is how I do my best. You never know who is watching and if you do bad they are not going to want you. You have to hustle at all times because they like to see that and get involved in things at school. [You always have to be] trying to impress those scouts.”