Marlene Daniel, Staff Writer


I am a junior this year and it’s my second year writing for Newspaper and I also write the “dating 101 blogs. I’ve been playing golf for Randall for three years and spend any free time I have hanging out with friends and family. I love being out-doors, whether its hiking, boating, working, swimming and always golfing, I like the sun on my shoulders and hair bleaching out. I love music of all sorts, I couldn’t live without it. I have a little brother, my mother and father, two dogs, four cats, a pond full of fish, four turtles and a spasmodic bunny, so it’s never a dull moment at my house. My two favorite sports are football and golf, I root for the Dallas Cowboys (yes I know, they aren’t too hot this year) and I play golf of course, what’s not to love about it? I love surrounding myself with people who like having fun and make me laugh, like Katharine Hepburn says “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” and I like having a little fun. I love clothes and I have an obsession with different, big and bold earrings. I love to travel; I have visited every state in the U.S. except New York and above. My mother is from Germany so I have family there that I go see every few years and I’ve been to Canada once. I am interested in world history and world geography the most and plan on becoming a teacher or archeologist in the future. My plans are to stay in Amarillo after finishing college and have a family here within the next ten years.