Silver Streak

Athlete of the Week

Shea Johnson, Co-Editor/ Sports Writer

October 4, 2013

Walking around Randall, it is hard not to notice the huge posters with a senior’s face staring at you from multiple posters that line the walls and windows of the hallways, with the words, ‘Student of the Month’ splayed...

Golf team has high hopes for spring competition

Shea Johnson, Co-Editor/ Sports Writer

September 30, 2013

In the past few years, golf has become more noticeable in local and national news. Local professional golfer Ryan Palmer has become a well-recognized name and 2013 Randall graduate Justin Jennings received a golf scholarship to...

MLB begins spring sessions

Shea Johnson, Sports Writer

February 28, 2013

Beginning this week, the AL West division of the MLB will begin their pre-season workouts known as ‘Spring Training’. Here are a few dates and places, according to for all of you baseball fans.   Oakland...

Senior overcomes tough beginning, defies odds

Rylee Sharp

February 28, 2013

On the basketball court, players run, pass and shoot with relative ease. Behind these seemingly practiced maneuvers, however, is one hidden snag. Morgan Collins, a senior Lady Raiders shooting guard, was born with a birth defect...

Out with Young, in with the Youngin’s

Shea Johnson, Sports Writer/Blogger/Columnist

December 17, 2012

Rangers’ infielder Michael Young signed with the Phillies Sunday leaving Texas after his career of 12 season. "The opportunity for him to play third base in Philadelphia was more than we could promise here," Rangers general...

Josh Hamilton signing comes as suprise

Shea Johnson, Sports Writer/Columnist/Blogger

December 17, 2012

Yesterday, 5 time Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton signed a 5 year, $125 million dollar deal with Texas’ AL West rivals, the Anaheim Angels. But that’s not even the worst part. The Rangers were never given a chance to counteract...

It’s a bad time to be a Rangers Fan

Shea Johnson, Sports Writer/Columnist/Blogger

December 17, 2012

In the past two weeks, the Texas Rangers have lost several of their most famous names, including catcher Mike Napoli, 12 time infielder Michael Young, pitcher Ryan Dempster, and Al West MVP outfielder Josh Hamilton. Honestly,...

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