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Ties V. Bowties

January 8, 2016

This Saturday, the majority of students will be getting ready to go out with their dates or friends to our schools annual Silver Ball. The girls will most likely spend the day fixing their hair and putting on their newly bought dresses because they do not waste any time procrastinating. The guys, however, will still be bothered with one of the most important fashion decisions. The decision is whether they should wear a tie or bowtie.

Students who participate in the Silver Ball are only asked to dress nicely, so either tie would go well. Although, the bowtie is usually for “high class” parties and popular events, whereas the classical tie is good for nearly every fashionable occasion. It also depends on the guys’ personality. Each tie says something about the person wearing it. If the person is sociable, tells humorous jokes, and participates well in large groups, he will be more suitable to wear a bowtie than a socially awkward person. The typical tie, unless it has bright colors and symbols on it, is a symbol for maturity. It is casually worn in office buildings, at weddings and even funerals. The Bowtie, even though it is also worn at weddings, is less serious than the standard tie. This should not stop anyone from coming to the Ball in a white blazer, black slacks, and fashionable bowtie.

The Silver Ball is not a serious or highly fashionable event, but it is good to know the differences between the two most popular ties. If someone is a more “straight to business” type of person, he or she would wear a straight tie. Then, of course, if another person is more fun and likes to mingle with crowds, he or she would most preferably go with the Bowtie. In the end, either choice will be suitable.

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