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The Life of a Blonde California Girl

Ireland Stevenson, Staff Writer

September 11

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Hey everyone, my name is Ireland Stevenson and I am a senior staff writer. I was born and raised in California which opens me up to way more jokes than necessary. As you may have guessed, I am blonde and yes, I also have to embrace...

The Audition

Paige James, Staff Writer

September 4

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I am not an outgoing person at all, however I am in theatre. A lot of people think because I am shy I shouldn’t be involved in such a social activity. I’ve been acting for six years, and have had many auditions. I recently...


Bailey Gano, Staff Writer

March 6

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With prom just around the corner the heat is on to make prom night the best night of our teen lives. Girls must find the best dress, have the best hair do, and be the most beautiful girl to walk in. But the pressure is also up...

How to conquer Mother Nature and her fickle heart

Natalie Aguirre, Print Editor

March 6

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With the transition to spring around the corner many would remain skeptical due to the remaining snow on the ground.  With Mother Nature being so indecisive many girls are left wondering whether they need to wear their favorite...

Amarillo Opera offers free tickets to students

Jaci Monroe, Staff Writer

January 20

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The Amarillo Opera is offering free tickets to students attending schools in  Canyon ISD  as part of their new 'Feed the Spirit' opportunity. According to the members of the Amarillo Opera, their newest production 'Thunder...

New year, new you, new struggles

Shea Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

January 8

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January 1, we look back on the previous year, reminiscing on the memories and how it has shaped us. It is a natural time to want to become a better person, friend, athlete, student etc. Setting resolutions is a natural and healthy...

Interstellar ranks among the stars

Chelsea Conway, Guest Writer

December 18

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Christopher Nolan has created a beautiful emotional journey with this epic adventure/sci-fi. "Interstellar", released on November 7, 2014, follows the journey of four explorers that are traveling through a wormhole near Saturn....

WiFi in cars: How far is too far?

Christian Nicholson, Online Editor

December 17

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Comfort, relaxation, and leisure. These three things are prominent in modern society, and have become essential to the American way of life. As a result, most everything now caters to these three ideals, including cars. The new...

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