Students Discuss What Makes A Good Teacher


Kolby Marting

With varied opinion, students discuss what they think makes a good teacher.

Students have varying opinions on what makes a good teacher. Are teachers better at their jobs in states that pay more? Texas is ranked 19 out of 50 states. Or, is it based on the technique and attitude teachers bring to the classroom?

“A good teacher is someone who pushes us to do our best,” sophomore Brea Rodriguez said.  “They also need to be understanding of students. They need to have patience with us.”

Rodriguez said teachers have to be able to teach and not make students teach themselves.  However a good place to start is liking the job. According to a survey by the University of Phoenix,  93 percent of full time K-12 teachers are satisfied with their career choice.

A good teacher is someone who pushes us to do our best.”

— sophomore Brea Rodriguez

“A good teacher cares about students’ mental health and they make sure (students) understand what is being taught,” sophomore Riley McCarty said.  “They can’t just completely overwhelm their students, and then expect them to figure it out.”

Teachers can also leave a lasting impact on their students.  Almost nine in every 10 Americans surveyed said they had a teacher growing up who had a significant, positive impact.  Plus 54 percent of people interviewed say a teacher helped them through a difficult time.

“A teacher needs to be someone who can adapt to each student’s learning ways,” sophomore Ethan Bartlett said.  “They need to be someone who is always there for the students. Someone who can be just a friend.”

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Statistics show that sometimes sacrifices that teachers make are not always seen by their students. Overall, public school teachers spend $1.6 billion of their own money on school supplies.  Plus only 18 percent of teachers get eight or more hours of sleep per night, and the vast majority (78 percent) manages five to seven hours of sleep.

Not only do they help people with problems in class, but the help kids with any struggles going on in their personal lives”

— sophomore Davis Blaser

“A good teacher is one who can connect with students and help them understand the subject being taught,” sophomore Davis Blaser said.  “Not only do they help people with problems in class, but they help kids with struggles going on in their personal lives. Good teachers are understanding and strive to assist their students in any way.”