8D Music Revolutionizes Sound Quality

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8D Music Revolutionizes Sound Quality

Mattie Freeze, Assistant Editor

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Listening to music is a great way to fill the silence or make doing homework a little more enjoyable, but having to use headphones really takes away from the enjoyment. Most of the time it just feels like the music is just blaring, and the listener is often disconnected from the full experience. Thankfully, the internet has come to the rescue to finally solve this problem.

Music has existed since the beginning of time, and people have found ways to improve the sound, quality, and accessibility of all genres of music. Some of these “improvements” have been pretty lame, but the newest one is far from disappointing. Music’s newest trend is called 8D music, and it’s the best thing the internet has created since cat videos.

This new form of media completely changes the listener’s experience. 8D music requires headphones or earbuds and can be found on YouTube. Anyone can enjoy 8D music because it comes in almost every genre.

8D music creates a surround sound feeling for the listener right inside their head. The experience is surreal, and the first time listening can be somewhat confusing because it feels like music is happening all around.

I really enjoy 8D music because it makes me feel more “in the moment.” I feel more connected to the artist and like they’re speaking directly to me. Some people listen to music just to fill the void of silence, but I, among many others, listen to music to feel something. I want to feel what the artist is feeling, and 8D music makes it so much more intense.

Overall, 8D music is the greatest way to enjoy music. It makes the listener feel less passive or simply a spectator. They become an active participant.

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