The Ultimately Unlimited Spider-man


Rebekah Williams, Editor

The ever-changing universe of Peter Parker and Spider-man is one that has been growing since it’s beginning in the early ’60s. The newest installment is a Golden Globe award-winning animated film that follows a young Miles Morales, his life at a new middle school, the addition of his newfound spider abilities, and a gang of spider-people to help him on his way.

The late twenty-year-old Spider-man that has been fighting off villains and keeping his realm of New York safe, but Kingpin has other plans. Like any other villain, Kingpin has his own personal motivations when it comes to the supercollider – bringing back his family. When Miles (Shameik Moore) stumbles upon his universe’s Spider-man (Chris Pine) fighting off a monster and trying to destroy the collider, they realize how similar they are. Before they could continue getting to know each other a disastrous explosion happens and the multiverse is opened and melded together. Thus enters almost forty-year-old Spider-man (Jake Johnson), Spider-woman (Hailee Steinfeld), Private eye Spider-man (Nicholas Cage), even Spider-Hamm (John Mulaney), while Miles is left to grieve the passing of his Peter Parker.

The 50-year-old comic book series experienced quite the lose in 2018, with the passing of Steve Ditko – writer, and creator of Spider-man – and Stan Lee – co-writer and Marvel’s face of the company. The animators made sure to give thanks to Lee with another iconic cameo and a special end credit to both of the original creators.

With an all-star cast of Spiders and the astonishing animations made to look like a comic book, it’s easy to see why this movie received the Best Animated Golden Globe award and is rated as 97% fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. By the end of the movie, the question of how many spider-people are there actually consumes the social media fanbase, as they create their own version of Spider-Whoever. With a hit soundtrack, an amazing cast, and animations that are out-of-this-world, the Sony movie in all has earned its rightful place among Disney’s Toy Story and Pixar’s Inside Out.