‘Mean Girls’ Still Loved After 15 Years

Mattie Freeze, Assistant Editor

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls. While, at first glance, the movie seems superficial, Mean Girls has an underlying message which supersedes any stereotype. It has left an impression on teenage girls everywhere, and it’s like so fetch.

“It’s an iconic movie that will withstand the test of time,” senior Halie Butler said. “I watched it for the first time when I was 14, which is ten years after it came out, so obviously it’s going to last forever.”

From “you can’t sit with us” to “you go, Glen Coco,” Mean Girls quotes are everywhere. They’re on t-shirts and coffee mugs, but most of all, they’re ingrained in our brains forever.

Mean Girls reminds me of being with my sisters,” junior Emma Ambs said. “We quote it all the time.”

The hilarious characters are what make Mean Girls so memorable. Not only are they geniusly quotable, but they are genuinely relatable.

“I connect with Janice really well,” senior Lily Mills said. “That’s why I love Mean Girls so much.”

The movie makes viewers reevaluate their friendships and even look at themselves in a new light. It’s a fun movie with an important message.

“It made me see the relationships I have with my friends differently,” Ambs said. “The movie perfectly describes leaders and followers, especially with the downside of being someone you’re not.”