Silver Streak

Maximum Capacity: What to do when on-campus housing is full

Casey Stavenhagen, Staff Writer

May 1, 2018

When preparing to go to college, the least of a student’s worries can be housing. However, for me and others, it can turn into an issue that decides if they can attend the college they desire. Personally, I applied to Texas ...

Stepping into the real world

Taylor Williams, Editor

March 25, 2013

Sometimes as I push myself to be more social I ask myself “why am I even doing this?” I have to remind myself of the huge goals I have set before myself. Following my heart and my love of animals, I have decided to attend...

Senior signs letter-of-intent to attend Texas A&M

November 21, 2011

Senior Logan Pluhar signed a letter-of-intent Tuesday to attend Texas A&M and compete as a member of their equestrian team.  Texas A&M began recruiting Pluhar while she was competiting at the American Quarter Horse...

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