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Beards and business: a magical relationship

Beards and business: a magical relationship

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It isn’t uncommon to see boys with facial hair in high school. They range from peach fuzz to scraggly, mangy mess. Some are self-conscious about it and others flaunt it. There is a ton of variety, but do boys know what their scruff makes others think of them?

A study done by Northumbria University shows girls are more attracted to light stubble than bushy messes. This same study showed that men with more facial hair than those around them were more intimidating to the other males. In this study, 10 men were recruited with 6 weeks of facial hair. They then took pictures of the men making neutral faces, smiling and looking angry. They did all of this with and without facial hair. When the participants were asked about the men they thought the pictures of the bearded men to be older, more aggressive, more audacious, of a higher social status and more assertive. Northumbria’s research also provided knowledge that men were jealous of other guys with more facial hair than them.

At the end of the study, co-author Paul Vasey, Ph.D., who is a professor or Lethbridge University in Canada, concluded from the study that beards make you more intimidating to rivals. This research caused Paul Vasey to surmise that beards would be an asset to professions that require assertive personalities.

This information does conclude, however, that men should put away their razors forever and never shave again. Neatness and clean-cut are the objective in this situation. While the “hobo/caveman” look scored highest in looking aggressive and masculine, it bottomed out for attractiveness. 

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Beards and business: a magical relationship