Jeffery Paulk, Sophomore


Sophomore Jeffery Paulk enjoys cooking, especially breakfast burritos.

When he’s not as school, he can sometimes be found working in his parents’ food truck, which specializes in chicken, beef and pork ramen.

With food trucks now coming to Randall, Paulk said he hopes his parents’ food truck will soon join the fleet.

“I always find a way to help out in the food truck,” Paulk said. “I love working with my family. It (creates a good) environment working with the people I live with.”

Although Paulk loves working in the food truck, he did admit that it also comes with its challenges. The busy atmosphere can be a “roller-coaster,” as Paulk describes it and working with the public and getting orders out in a timely fashion can be difficult. However, he said the good far out weighs the stress of being in the food truck industry.

“When it comes down to it, I just love being at my parents’ food truck,” Paulk said. “I love working there and I hope I can work there until I retire.”