Foreigner Concert


Alex Ruiz, Staff Writer

“We have an actor for president, the Rams are playing in L.A., women are marching for rights, Madonna made last week’s headlines, and I attended a Foreigner concert tonight. I’m sure the 80’s were nothing but delightful.”

This is the caption of my latest Instagram post, on a selfie of me right before a Foreigner concert. Foreigner was a popular 80’s rock band in the early 80’s, and they are currently celebrating a 40 year reunion tour, and one of the first stops on their tour was Amarillo. The band performed at the Amarillo Civic Center auditorium in front of a sold out crowd on Jan. 30. The band, who did not have an opening act, started the night off with some of their more popular songs like ‘Cold As Ice”, “Hot Blooded”. The band ended the night with “Jukebox hero” and “I Wanna Know What Love is”, in which the Highland Park High school choir joined the band on stage to sing a along with.

The scene throughout the whole auditorium looked like something straight out of a mediocre 80’s movie, with less hairspray and jean pants instead of leather of course. The touring band put on a spectacular, or “rad” performance that had the whole audience (young and old) on their feet the whole night, just as I imagine it being back then. If you ever have the chance to accompany a parent, or grandparent to a concert of a band they enjoyed when they were younger, take it, and savor it with everything you have.