Review: ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Steals All Hearts


Lauren Tice, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that most Netflix original movies/TV shows are a hit or miss, but it’s safe to say that Netflix’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” has blown up on all social media platforms and is definitely a movie worth the time. The film was released on Aug. 17, and already has a whopping 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Although most people, myself included, didn’t know that this movie was based off the bestselling novel by Jenny Han published back in 2014, it seems like everyone and their mom is totally obsessed with this romantic comedy that is very predictable and cliche like most.

Lara Jean Covey is a shy girl who always has her nose in a book, and her life ends up changing drastically after her older sister Margot moves away to university in a different country. Lara keeps hidden a box with 5 letters addressed to 5 different boys confessing her love for them including Josh Sanderson; Margot’s ex boyfriend of two years, and Peter Kavinsky; the most popular and good looking boy in school. When writing these letters Lara never intended on sending them out, but sure enough Lara’s little sister, Kitty, mailed them after realizing that her 16 year old sister needed some sort of push to get her out into the world as all she does is stay at home.

At school Kavinsky confronts Lara about receiving her letter, and at first she deny’s it completely as it was written in the 7th grade. Only until she realizes Sanderson got her letter too, she does everything in her power to make it seem like she is into Kavinsky before she was known as the back stabbing sister. After Lara throws herself on Kavinsky, he makes sure Lara knows that he doesn’t feel the same way as what was written in the letter, as him and his girlfriend Gen had just broken up. Days passed and both Lara and Kavinsky agree on being in a fake relationship for the sake of making sure that she hasn’t done Margot wrong, and to of course make Gen come crawling back to him. The two go to parties together, sit with each other at lunch, post pictures of each other on social media, and even go to the extent of eating dinner with each others family’s. They truly act like they are in love with each other, and fooled just about everyone at school.

This film has more of an 80’s edge to it which personally I really dig, and it isn’t based around technology as most movies today are. It does still manage to tie into today’s generation and does a good job relating the audience to the “best four years of your life”. I will not be spoiling the ending only because the film does more justice than I ever could, but overall this movie was enjoyable. Not only will this rom-com have you now obsessed with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centieno) by the end of the movie, but it has for sure raised all of our expectations as what we want in a relationship.