Ant-Man And the Wasp: Better Than the Original


Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

Marvel introduced Ant Man to the movies in 2015, debuting in a origin movie about the way he came to be. In 2018, Marvel introduced a sequel and a new chapter to the Marvel universe. The film hit theaters in the summer of 2018 and took the Marvel fan base by storm by adding in clips from how Ant man or Scott Lang and the other characters were affected by Thanos from Avengers Infinity War. Then recently the film was added to the streaming service Netflix. The film was well put together and had fantastic jokes in between serious moments, some would say this film was better than the original.

The film takes place shortly after Avengers Civil War, Scott Lang is under house arrest with the FBI however he has a mysterious dream about his romantic interest and partner in crime Hope Van Dynes mother. Scott eventually finds himself back in the ant suit and back to morphing into different sizes for all occasions.

While the fact the film was better than the original can be debated, the movie is definitely one of the greater Marvel films made. The movie is well written and almost better understandable than the original. It is playful in the films own ways, with its smaller scale than any other Marvel movies. The antagonist build up was not like any Marvel movie, unlike other antagonist who wants to destroy the world this antagonist just want to survive.

While this film may not play much with the Marvel canon, the movie still shows glimpses into the next Avengers film because of the ending. The wittiness of the jokes and plot pulls the viewers in. Its humor and action are a major improvement to its first movie. The actors and actresses of this movie got more time to shine, through romance or even more action in the film.  The movie is also a great break from the ending of the last Avengers movie. Giving Marvel fans a break from the seriousness of the Marvel universe and to watch a heartfelt superhero movie.

After all, Marvel never disappoints with it’s movies and they did not disappoint with with Ant Man and the Wasp. With the added elements of jokes and a new take on the movies with the different sizes of human beings and cars and also even buildings, this film turned out not only better than the original but one of the best Marvel movies to come out recently.