The Final Six: A Book From The Future

Author Alexandra Monir transports readers to the future in the book ‘The Final Six.’ The world is in disrepair, damaged by earthquakes and tsunamis and every extreme weather event possible has broken up countries and lives. Now, the countries came together and chose 26 people to go to space. They are put into a month endurance test that will wean the group to six people. Those six people will go to the moon Europa to establish life on the planet. However, this new conjoined space program has some underlying secrets to what they are telling the 26 finalists. Among those 26 are the main characters, Leo and Naomi. The problem though is that they weren’t chosen like a competition; they were drafted.

This book, much like the Hunger Games is an easy yet enticing read. It will keep you turning the pages, with the books constant plot changes and suspense. However, Monir took space travel and science to a different level. With the exercises that the candidates had to preform and the science behind each mission, each expanded on space travel altogether in the book. Space travel is a big deal in this science fiction novel, especially with the book leaving off with a huge cliffhanger about space travel.

There is also major romance in this book. With the two main characters meeting and finding out the secrets of the space program together, they both ended up loving each other in the end. This gave me a sense of Bonnie and Clyde to the story that was unfolding. Leo and Naomi had each others back throughout the book to uncover secrets of the program, both of them covering for each other.

On top of the space travel and the romance, this book also plays into the environment. The surrounding area around the space training center is underwater, and there are constant severe events like earthquakes and tsunamis. ‘The Final Six’ explains those environmental changes perfectly by noting the effects of the earthquakes on the characters families and the main characters. The environment portions of the book also foreshadow our world currently, with fights about climate change and other current environmental changes.  This book is a perfect fit for anyone who likes books like, The Hunger Games or Divergent. With space travel, secrets, stories of the environment, and romance this book is a huge must read.