Dancing in the Sky- Dani and Lizzy


Katie Carpenter

Dancing in the sky by Dani And Lizzy. This is the music video with headphones.

Dancing in the Sky”  is one of 12 songs featured on Dani and Lizzy’s Working of Hearts album released in September 2013. The 27-year-old Vancouver twins were inspired to write the song in remembrance of one of Lizzy’s close friends who had recently passed away. In the song, Lizzie delivers the message that her friend is still being thought of and that she still loves and misses her friend. The music video shows Lizzy singing into a mic with a guitar and beats soundtrack and the duo also incorporates piano into the mix.

While the song expresses sorrow at the loss of a loved one, it also asks for happiness and to have no fears or pain. This message isn’t much different than their other songs which tend to focus on positivity and sends a message that can help people heal and overcome life’s obstacles. Due to the sisters’ differing styles, they bring a variety of influences to their music, and with that, the pair strive to create a unique blend of two genres.

After “Dancing in the Sky’s” release, the song quickly garnered 700,000 views on YouTube, 500 shares on Facebook and stayed number 10 of the top 100 songs for two months straight.