The Notebook, A Heart Warming Romance


The Notebook”, a movie based on a book by Nicholas Sparks, is about a man who falls in love with a rich young woman but their love is tested by social differences. “The Notebook” is based on the true story of Spark’s ex wife’s grandparents. Sparks was inspired to write the story after learning about how the couple, who stayed together for 60 years, met.

The two parts are played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. McAdams, who plays the part of Allie, was hired for the role after coming off the premiere of Hot Chicks. She only had one day to memorize her lines and audition, but still managed to beat out headliners such as Jessica Biel and Brittany Spears for the role. Gosling landed his role after the director said, “I wanted to cast him because he was not as handsome.” This backfired, obviously, as Gosling is now often seen on almost all “most handsome” lists.

Director Nick Cassavetes has won lots of awards for this outstanding creation, including Teen Choice Awards for Best Kiss, Movie Actor and Movie Actress.  The budget for the film was $29 million. The audience rating for the notebook is a 4.7 with a Rotten Tomato meter score of 53% and an audience score of 85%.

“The Notebook” is a great movie to watch in a comfy place with someone you love or just by yourself. Grab a box of tissues and a blanket because you are sure to get your feels out before leaving feeling amazing. Begin your life because if you haven’t seen “The Notebook” you have never lived.