‘Glorious’ Shows The Softer Side Of Macklemore


Macklemore, 39, is known for hits such as “Can’t Hold Us,” “Thrift Shop” and “Wing.”

However, one can’t think of Macklemore without also referencing “Glorious.” Macklemore released “Glorious” in 2017 in celebration of his grandmother’s 100th birthday. Macklemore, who said he wanted to do something special for her, wrote the song with co-writers Ben Haggerty, Holly Hafermann,  Josh Karp, Taylor Andrews, and Tylor Dopps and it was produced by Joshua Karp, and Taylor Dopps. Using his voice, Range: F5-F4 and piano back up vocals, Mclemore delivers the message that nothing is gone forever and that you will one day see it/ someone again in your life. The music video includes footage of him and his grandma as they go out and have a fun time for her birthday. Following its release, “Glorious” blew up,  garnering 262 million views on YouTube.

In the past, Macklemore has said his grandmother is the reason he sings and he credits her for teaching him to never give up and not allow anyone to tell you no. Macklemore said his wife was the one who gave him the idea for the video and she assisted in making it happen. After purchasing $300 for supplies and paying a videographer $3000 to follow the crew around for five hours, Macklemore’s hit “Glorious” became a reality, forever honoring and thanking his grandmother for her influence in his life.

Maclemore is a Hip Hop/Rap artist who writes Hip Hop music.