‘The Outsiders’ A Classic That’s Worth The Watch


As the sun sets over the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a group of teenage boys known as the greasers gather outside a local convenience store. They’re dressed in leather jackets and have slicked back hair, marking them as outsiders in this predominantly middle class community. The greasers are a tight knit group, bound together by their shared experiences of poverty and neglect. Their world is one of violence and danger, with rival gangs and the police always lurking in the shadows. At the heart of the greasers is ponyboy Curtis, a sensitive and intelligent young man who dreams of a better life. But his hopes are dashed when he and his best friend Johnny cade are forced to flee town after a deadly altercation with a rival gang. On the run, Ponyboy and Johnny find refuge in an abandoned church on the outskirts of town. There, they share their hopes and fears, and Ponyboy must confront the harsh realities of his world and decide where his loyalties lie. The climax of the movie is a tragic and violent clash between the two gangs, leaving several characters wounded or dead. Ponyboy emerges from the chaos with a newfound understanding of the world around him, and a sense of hope for a better future. As the credits roll, we’re left with a sense of the enduring power of friendship and the struggle to overcome the barriers that divide us. “The Outsiders” reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Although this movie came out in 1983, it is a classic and worth the watch.