New class teaches students to develop mobile apps

“There’s an app for that.” Mobile apps are a large part of the world. It is common to use applications to pass the time and keep up with events, but users do not put much thought into the time and energy put into creating that app. Now students enrolled in Denise Logan or Lisa Matteson’s app development class know.

This is the first year Randall is offering the class called Mobile Application Development. It is a yearlong elective. Logan and Matteson said they decided to create the class for a variety of reasons.

“We actually had a two-fold purpose for offering the class,” Logan said. “We wanted to expand the programs that we were currently offering in our department, but I also had students in the PRO program who were interested in developing an app.”

Logan said the class has been successful so far and they hope to create several apps for the remainder of the year.

“It is definitely a year of learning for us, but we do think we are being successful in the direction we are going,” Logan said. “There is a lot to learn and we are excited to see how far we get by the end of the year.”

There are 34 students currently enrolled in the class, and Logan has high hopes for more. They are currently working with several different programs.

“Right now we are teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript as we learn to develop web-based apps,” Logan said. “We have ordered a classroom set of Nexus 7 tablets, so all of the apps we develop will be for android devices.”

The students enrolled in this program plan to create several small applications throughout the year.

“Our goal is to develop several small apps throughout the year,” Logan said. “Then we will have a [final] project at the end of the spring semester.”