The Finale


Natasa Dobras, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again when students are faced with finals. This year, finals will take place on May 24-26.

The semester exemption policy still remains present for students who fit the attendance requirements. The requirements include: 1 absence with at least a 70 average in class, 2 absences with at least an 80 average in class, and 3 absences with at least a 90 in class. If you are unsure about your exemption from a semester test, talk to attendance in the East office. A list should be posted soon that will include a list of students who are exempt.

However, if you are not exempt for the semester testing, finals will begin with the first period exam on Wednesday at 8:15 AM. This test will be followed by the second period exam at 10:40 AM and then the day will finish with the sixth period exam at 1:50 PM.

On Thursday, the day will begin with seventh period exam at 8:15 AM and followed by third period exam at 10:40 AM. The final test of this day will be the fourth or fifth period exam at 1:50 PM.

Finally, the final test of the week will be the eighth period exam on Friday at 8:15 AM. If you have missed a test that week, you will have a chance to retake any test at 10:25 AM on this day.

An important announcement was made earlier this week by Mr. Williams stating no finals can be taken early if you are missing the actual test day. A time will be arranged after this week for a student to take their semester exams if they will not be here for testing. For more information, talk to your teacher.

Exams can be stressful, but it’s the last responsibility left for students until they kiss this year goodbye and welcome summer with open arms.