Students prepare for Practically, Nearly, Everything (PNE)


Rebekah Williams, Staff Writer

The countdown to the annual competition for a toilet seat has begun.

Practically Nearly Everything (PNE) teams are set to meet Monday at 6 p.m. in the east cafeteria. Teams will quickly go over rules, then file out onto the football field to learn what fun and silly games awaits them. 

PNE is an annual event sponsored by Student Council that kicks off homecoming week. Students pick five boys and five girls for their PNE team and find a teacher to sponsor them. During PNE, teams play in a series of rounds. Each round consists of a new challenge which could be anything from pushing a tennis ball across the field with your nose, to diving face first into a slippy slide of condiments. 

¨Each round, more teams are eliminated,¨ Norman said. ¨Eventually, the final two teams advance to the last game (an obstacle course) to determine the winner. The winning team receives a toilet seat and bragging rights.¨

Each year, Student Council tries to add something new to the mix, so participants never know what to expect.

¨Last years’ PNE was so much fun,¨ sophomore Mattie Freeze said. ¨I can’t wait to do it again.¨

The goal of PNE is to provide an evening of entertainment, but also give students a chance to meet new people. 

¨I became very close with my teammates,¨ Freeze said. ¨They became my friends and I had a great time doing it.¨

Freeze said she has high hopes for Monday night.

¨I’m expecting to have fun,¨ Freeze said. ¨We will overcome the challenges, and dominate the competition.¨