Chemistry Club visits Greenways


Derek West

Casey Stavenhagen, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Chemistry Club visited Greenways Intermediate Science Club to give a science presentation. Overall, 19 students attended to either perform an experiment or to assist. Chemistry Club sponsor Derek West held the same event the year prior, and said that he plans to continue the event to get younger students interested in the sciences. Here is a list of all the students that attended and the experiments they performed:

Collin Blackwell and Ravyn Denning: Gold Rain

Casey Stavenhagen and Natasa Dobras: Elephant toothpaste

Sean Reilly and Logan Srader: Whoosh Bottle

Rhys Mott-Gonzales and Andre Hagins: Gas Laws

Sophia Britto and Harry Lu: Black Snake

Kapri Bigham: chemistry magic trick

Haley Phelan and Taylor McCaslin: Gummy bear sacrifice

My Doan and Kyra Birkenfeld: Oobleck

Mason Henderson: acid base indicators

Tanner Bounsing, Lanie Kuykendall, and Katelyn Penn were helpers.