2018 All Region Band Auditions to be Nov. 27

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2018 All Region Band Auditions to be Nov. 27

Trenton George, Contributing Writer

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Members from the Randall Winds band will attend All Region auditions for the 2019 All Region band on Nov. 27.

The All Region band is made up of  players from bands within the same region, which includes Amarillo, TX. The chair the person places is what decides if he/she will make all region.

“It’s stressful but rewarding,” sophomore Tanner Bass said. “ It helps you work on the technical side of your instrument and makes you want to sound good and not out of tune.”

In the audition, judges pick out small sections from three etudes (pieces of music) that were assigned to the player two months beforehand.Each player goes up one by one and performs the section of the etude for the judge, showing off their skill and ability to play the piece.

“All of the practicing and playing in front of other people is probably the worst part about All region,” Bass said. “The best part of All Region though is the concerts and opportunities you have. You can move on to area if you’re good enough, and depending on the instrument you could do All Region Orchestra.”

Randall has had great success with the all region auditions in the past. Last year, two players from the band made the All-State band (the best band you can make).

“It’s really hard to make All-state if you play the saxophone,” sophomore Dylan Cox said. “If you make one simple mistake, you’ll most likely not make it.”

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